Fury Unleashed is available on Switch right now, but only through the eShop. If you’ve been holding out for a physical release, today’s your lucky day. Publisher Meridiem Games has announced that they’re working on a special boxed edition of Fury Unleashed, and they’ll have a first-look to share soon.

Meridiem Games will be designing, manufacturing and distributing the special boxed edition of Fury Unleashed, which will be available in specialist retail outlets across Europe. We don’t have details on what is included in the box besides the game just yet, but we’ll bring you that information as soon as it’s available.

In Fury Unleashed, explore the pages of a living comic book where ink is your most valuable resource and each room is a new comic panel. Find out why John Kowalsky, creator of the acclaimed Fury Unleashed series of comic books is having a creative crisis and find a way to help him out.

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