Developer Just2D and publisher Deck13 have confirmed that Drova: Forsaken Kin, an action-RPG, is coming to Switch. There is no pricing or release date information for this title just yet.

Drova is an action-RPG inspired by grim dark titles of the genre. Dive through a wall of everlasting fog to discover a society grown from the ashes of a dead empire. Rediscover ancient powers, encounter angry spirits and be a witness as history unfolds.

Journey through dangerous landscapes, fulfill tasks, fight, trade, take a side in a conflict of factions, gather equipment and become strong enough to survive. You will not find quest markers or minimaps in Drova. Find your own way instead - just like in classic role-playing games. Study your environment and use the surrounding clues to reveal its mysteries.

We’ll keep an eye on Drova going forward to bring you all details, including Switch release timing and more. For now, check out some bullet points for Drova below.


Dynamic World

Journey through a handcrafted world, filled with dangers and mysteries and witness the lasting impact your actions will have on your environment.

A Divided Society

Become a part of an isolated society, grown from the ashes of a dead empire. Where will you stand when ambitious factions plunge the world into chaos?

The Spirits of Nature

Explore nature and encounter the spirits that rule it. Seal them and learn to use their power for yourself. But be prepared for the consequences of their anger to change the world surrounding you.


Numerous Abilities

Meet teachers and learn numerous abilities and talents. But remember: everything comes with a price.

To Be or Not to Be?

You decide how to deal with defeated enemies. Whether you kill them or spare them, it’s your decision. Each will have their own consequences.

The Flow of Battle

Use the flow of battle to unleash powerful abilities. But be careful: only your flow stands between you and death.


Free Navigation

Nobody is going to hold your hand. Paying attention to your environment and making good use of your knowledge will help you find the way.

From Zero to Hero

Start your journey with nothing. Earn your weapons, discover abilities, and talents. Find the fighting style that fits you best and become a master at it.

Influential Factions

Join one of two factions, each with their own values and in pursuit of their own goals. Your choice will be relevant for the rest of the game and impact the entire story. Where will you stand?


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