The 1991 Game Boy title Avenging Spirit is getting a new lease on life, thanks to the gang at Retro-Bit. The company has announced that they’re working a re-release for this Jaleco classic in honor of its 30th anniversary, and it’s up for pre-order now!

Avenging Spirit actually started out as an arcade game in Japan before it made its way to the Game Boy, complete with a limited physical release in the West. This action platformer offers a unique game mechanic where you can possess your enemies, which certainly helps you navigate stages. Take over a gangster, guru, vampire, robot and more as you help avenge a young man whose life was taken by gangsters that kidnapped his girlfriend.


This re-release of Avenging Spirit goes all-out, offering the following goodies:

  • deluxe hardcover packaging
  • full-color instruction booklet
  • glow-in-the-dark cartridge

It’s an absolutely gorgeous package, and you can pre-order yours for $45 right here! Pre-orders are open until July 3rd, 2022.

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2y ago

Interesting, the glow in the dark cartridge is almost tempting me. Never heard of this game before.

Can we also get rereleases of Wayforwards Sabrina the Teenage Witch for GBC and Treasure's Astro Boy for the GBA?


2y ago

Well, it's the original japanese cover.
Amercia did some weird shit with their game covers back in the day. Remember the banjo dude from Phalanx?

You can get the game on the 3DS eShop while you can. Its a great platformer!