What do you do if you’re a Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit player on the go? There’s no easy way to cart around all of the things you need to play, and you don’t want to throw everything into a backpack. Reddit user Fiveonthakush found himself in that situation, so he came up with a custom solution.

Fiveonthakush picked up a case from and got to work on making something that better fit what he needed. That resulted in a case that holds four karts and four Switch units. Furthermore, the racing gates, plus two chargers and charging cords are stored beneath the karts.

I have one Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit setup, and I’ve found it a bit cumbersome to store away. Looks like I can put together my own solution by following Fiveonthatkush’s steps!

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2y ago

That's a really neat idea. It's become extra difficult to store with the additional myNintendo track parts