Ori composer shares the secret to making great game music

Fantastic tips from an amazing composer

01 June 2022
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If you’ve been following GoNintendo for a few years, you most likely know that I feel extremely strongly about game music. I believe game music has the ability to elevate any experience to an extremely high level, and I also believe game soundtracks don’t get the praise they deserve.

There are a ton of games that have fantastic soundtracks, and that’s certainly true of both Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Those soundtracks were created by Gareth Coker, and in an interview with WindowsCentral, Coker opens up about what he believes makes for a great game soundtrack.

“I personally believe that moving into the future of game development, if you really want to have successful music in your game, especially on these narrative games, you’re going to need to have a composer that really is willing to spend a lot of time with the game.

Understanding Ori’s motivations, understanding how Ori moved through the environment, understanding what Ori is doing in each environment, allowed me to write better music for the game. I would really be able to get inside the player’s head and what I thought would be the best emotion or feeling for the player to experience in that moment.

…With games becoming the size that they are, you’re going to be hearing music a lot. You can’t really afford to have the composer come in at the end. It’s like ‘Alright, we need six hours of music and you’ve got a year and a half to do it.’ Well, good luck. Because you haven’t grown with the game, the story is there, so you’re just kind of reacting instead of inspiring.”

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