Adventure games live and die by their characters, and AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES: nirvanA Initiative director Kotaro Uchikoshi is well aware of this. The first game in this series had a lively, interesting cast of characters, and the sequel mixes in familiar characters with fresh faces to up the ante.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, Uchikoshi talked about the characters of AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES: nirvanA Initiative and the work that went into making them intriguing and entertaining. You can find his full comments below.

Mystery novels can be appreciated to some extent if they have outstanding tricks, science fiction novels can be called masterpieces if they are rich in scientific knowledge and encompass philosophical issues. An action movie can be said to have succeeded if it captivates its audience with thrilling action, and a social human drama can be said to have succeeded if it incorporates emotionally moving elements.

However, that is not enough for adventure games. To satisfy the adventure game player, all the elements just mentioned must be fulfilled. Outstanding tricks, scientific insights, philosophical questions, thrilling action, emotionally moving human drama…

And if these elements are not complemented by compelling characters, it cannot be a great adventure game. (In addition, of course, it is important that the game be interesting.)

If AI’s characters are exceptional, it’s because our staff was focused on bringing out the best in them, in addition to the elements above. If you like them, we couldn’t be happier. At the same time, I am mildly jealous of AI’s characters. Even I myself want to be a character in AI.

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