The last time we really saw Reggie Fils-Aime embrace the Mother 3 meme, it was back at E3 2014. Reggie was part of a Robot Chicken-style presentation where the topic of Mother 3 came up. You can see that moment below.

Fast-forward all the way to 2022, and Reggie has once again indulged fans with their Mother 3 requests. Now that Reggie’s no longer with Nintendo, he can be a bit more fast and loose with how he handles the topic!

As you can see, Reggie got stopped by a fan while at SXSW, and was asked to sign a copy of Mother 3. Looks like Reggie was more than willing to indulge this fan, and the meme once more.

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1y ago

The secret is that Reggie has played Mother 3, and it was so good, he decided no one in North America could ever play it.