Dawn of the Monsters is a kaiju-infused beat’em-up coming to the Switch in just a few days. In an interview with NWR, 13AM games discusses what games inspired Dawn of the Monsters’ development.

We did play a lot of beat-’em-ups when we were planning the game (I’m a huge fan of them), including TMNT, Streets of Rage 2, Sengoku 3, and others. That being said, the major influences on us, design-wise, were more “modern” brawlers like Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden, and God of War. We wanted to bring the depth and expression of those games into the 2D beat-’em-up space. That’s why you have access to an instant dodge, a block, a parry, and other staples of modern action games.

Dawn of the Monsters brings you a cataclysmic battle between giant monsters in a manga-inspired, side-scrolling, kaiju beat-‘em-up. The game is due out March 15th, 2022.

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