TEN available on Switch today

The countdown to launch is over!

03 June 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Ratalaika Games has announced that the challenging platformer TEN is now available on Switch. The title is priced at $5 and takes up 266 MB of space.

TEN is a platformer in which you face a relentless gauntlet of ten-second deathtrap rooms in a desperate struggle to escape your fate and uncover the truth! Collect tokens, purchase upgrades and learn how to overcome each floor’s onslaught of saw blades, cannon fire, lasers, bizarre monsters and more. Every room is a test. Every death is a lesson. Evolve and master every obstacle as you die, try, die and try again.

Conquer various environments and triumph over escalating threats, challenges, and deadly bosses as you make your way to the surface - and to your freedom.

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