Earlier today, Famitsu hosted a live-stream to showcase some of Sonic Origins. While this game is a collection of classic Sonic titles, there’s still plenty of new content to enjoy. We’ve rounded up some of the fresh features and content shown below.

  • 12 original cutscenes for Sonic Origins, 10 of which are for Story Mode
  • Sonic Mania Adventures’ animated shorts are included as well
  • menu system uses a world map to showcase various Sonic games
  • Mirror Mode flips the perspective of each game so you go from right to left

If you want to see some elements like Mirror Mode and more in action, you can check out the snippets below.

If you want to see the full Famitsu live-stream, which is over an hour long, you can find that below.

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2y ago

The bullet points from the article, these are included in the base game or are paid DLC?

I can't tell anymore.