A series of Galar region Pokémon will be releasing for the Pokemon Dolls merchandise line, and they’re bringing some accessories with them.

Official Pokémon Dolls for Yamper, Centiskorch, Duraludon, Spectrier, and Glastrier are on the way, and they’ll appear at Pokémon Center locations and via Amazon Japan starting June 11th, 2022. Along with that, fans can snag some plush furniture accessories, such as a Pikachu bed, a Plusle/Minun seesaw, and more. You can see the full lineup of items on the way below.

  • Yamper Plush 1,320 yen
  • Centiskorch Plush 1,320 yen
  • Duraludon Plush 1,320 yen
  • Spectrier Plush 1,320 yen
  • Glastrier Plush 1,320 yen
  • Yamper Mascot 1,210 yen
  • Centiskorch Mascot 1,210 yen
  • Duraludon Mascot 1,210 yen
  • Calyrex Mascot 1,210 yen
  • Dolls House Pikachu Sofa  1,210 yen
  • Dolls House Pikachu Bed  1,210 yen
  • Dolls House Pikachu Parasol  1,210 yen
  • Dolls House Clampearl Sofa 990 yen
  • Dolls House Jigglypuff Balloon 1,210 yen
  • Dolls House Drifloon Balloon 1,210 yen
  • Dolls House Plusle/Minun See Saw  1,430 yen

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