Animal Crossing is one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises back in the day, but there was a time when the game was known only to those in Japan.

The original Animal Crossing launched for the N64, and that version never got a localization. It wasn’t until the GameCube that we got to experiencing Animal Crossing, and that began the love affair for many fans that still runs strong to this day.

While the N64 version of Animal Crossing has a lot of similarities and differences when compared to the GameCube version NA/EU eventually saw, there’s actually another release that’s even more interesting for comparison’s sake.

The gang at Boundary Break has put together a massive video that explores the GameCube version of Animal Crossing that hit Japan after the localized version made its way to North America and Europe. That game, called Animal Forest+ in Japan, includes everything from minor changes to all-out removals, and plenty of stuff in-between. This video really is a must-watch for Animal Crossing fans, and you’ll likely come out of it learning at thing or two!

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