Video game fans were absolutely shocked to learn that none other than ‘Ugly Sonic’ appeared in Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, a new film that released to Disney+ a couple of weeks back. In Chip n’ Dale, Ugly Sonic represents the earlier design of Sonic for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, long before Paramount changed Sonic’s design due to a major backlash. Now we have an even more surprising tidbits to share on the movie about Ugly Sonic, and it turns out he was never originally planned for the film!

Storyboard artist Simeon Wilkins shared a look at his original plans for Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, and we get to see that Ugly Sonic a replacement for another idea that never come to fruition. Believe it or not, Wilkins wanted to see Jar Jar Binks from the Star Wars universe make his return through Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers. For whatever reason, that idea never made it past the storyboard phase.

While the team was looking for other characters to replace Jar Jar Binks, Ugly Sonic became a topic of discussion, and the rest is history. While Ugly Sonic may not have been the plan from the start, he fit in perfectly with the storyline for the film. Both Jar Jar and Ugly Sonic play the exact same role in the movie, so literally the only thing changed was the character itself.

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2y ago

That's surprising since Disney owns Jar Jar and it would have been less legal hassle. Maybe Ahmed Best wouldn't have been interested.


2y ago

I enjoyed what they did with Ugly Sonic, but I think Jar Jar might have actually been a little more fun, given what the character did in that movie.

If I were to guess why it didn't happen, it's because Disney didn't want to make George Lucas angry. Lucas invented Jar Jar, and even though Disney has entirely bought the Star Wars rights, they keep finding themselves having to refer back to George to re-establish their credibility with Star Wars fans.