Pokemon GO Fest 2022 has been underway for a bit now, and trainers the world over seem to have one major complaint about the event. Apparently, a lot of trainers think Niantic has been way too skimpy when it comes to dishing out the Shiny opportunities.

One of the big things trainers like to do during events like Pokémon GO Fest 2022 is go Shiny-hunting. Unfortunately, it seems tracking down a Shiny this time around is a rather fruitless effort. Numerous trainers have taken to social media to complain that they’ve put in a ton of time with the game, yet they never saw a single Shiny cross their path.

A Reddit user did some number-crunching, and they found that the average for 41 Team Alpha members playing in Japan has been 0.86 Shinies per hour. To put things into perspective, these trainers are catching 400 Pokémon an hour in a 60 PokéStop route.

Niantic is yet to address the complaints, so it seems this Shiny rate is here to stay this time around. Hopefully they can fix things up by the time Pokémon GO’s next big event rolls around.

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