RUMOR: A new Crash Bandicoot might be in the works

A 4-player brawler on the way?

05 June 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Crash Bandicoot went a long time without any love from his development team, but recent years have been pretty good to the marsupial. There have been remakes and new titles alike, and it seems that trend might continue in the very near future.

In a podcast with Windows Central journalist Jez Corden, we learn that Toys for Bob might be working on a new Crash Bandicoot title. In particular, this seems like it’ll be a multiplayer-focused experience, with 4 players brawling it out amongst one another.

If that project is in the works, there’s a good chance we’ll see an official reveal very soon. The Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase is on June 12th, 2022, and with Activision Blizzard falling under Microsoft’s umbrella, a reveal of a Crash Bandicoot project would certainly take place during that event.

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2y ago

I'm surprised you didn't pun it up with your opening text. I totally expected it to say "Smash Bandicoot?"


2y ago

Just give me a Crash Bash remake and I'll be a happy man.