Ramone Russell is Sony Interactive Entertainment’s product development communications and brand strategist for MLB the Show 22. The man has been synonymous with MLB the Show for a number of years now, and he knows the franchise in and out.

In an interview with Game Informer, we get to learn a bit more about how MLB the Show comes together. In particular, we hear how the dev team behind the series puts together the many official stadiums that have appeared in the series over the years. It’s not as easy as you might think!

The way that our stadium team works is we have six or seven artists who travel to one to two stadiums a year. Those other stadiums don’t have many reference points [for changes year over year]. We worked with the community saying, “Hey, if anybody has any pictures from last year’s season for the stadium and from these specific areas, send them to us.” Our artist would have a folder filled with reference photos of stadiums that we needed to fix. We would disseminate that information to our stadium artists for the stadiums they couldn’t go visit.

[Ramone Russell, Sony Interactive Entertainment's product development communications and brand strategist]

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