The internet was taken by storm last week with all the new information on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. We got gameplay details, character breakdowns, location info, and most importantly, the reveal of some new Pokémon! While there was plenty of love to go around, it as the reveal of the ‘Hog Pokémon,’ Lechonk that set the internet ablaze.

As usual, Pokémon fans were quick to make all sorts of tributes to their new favorite Pokémon, but artist 1upCrochet takes the cake with her fantastic crocheted version of Lechonk. This plush is so spot-on that it looks good enough to be an official product. I mean, how could you not want this cuddly creature?!

Not surprisingly, 1upCrochet has a whole Etsy shop filled with gaming tributes. You won’t find Lechonk in there, but you should be able to discover some other plushes that’ll tickle your fancy. Take a look at 1upCrochet’s shop here.


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