The team behind Smelter has announced that a new ‘Forged in Hell’ update is coming to the game sometime in the near future. You can read full details on this update below.

Action Mode

This is the big one! We’ve taken Smelter and added a little autonomy to the experience. Now, the overworld RTS aspect of the game has been left to Smelter’s subordinates to deal with, allowing Eve and Smelter to tackle the butt-kicking platforming-action, providing a more streamlined experience.

As part of this mode, we’ve also tweaked some of the dialog to reflect this new delegation of duties. Smelter’s forces will now inform you of all the hard work they’ve been doing to secure the Rumbly Lands for you, while you can focus on the fisticuffs!

Boss Rush Mode

Want to get into the heavy stuff and test your mettle? Well now you can!

Boss Rush Mode is exactly what you’d expect. We’ve taken all of the boss encounters in the game and put them together, ready to confront Eve and Smelter in a no holds barred series of challenges. Speaking of challenges, we’ve also added a little extra twist to this mode.

We’ve jumbled Smelter’s powers a bit based on the difficulty, meaning you won’t have your full arsenal all at once for fights, so you’ll have to adopt new strategies to take down some of the tougher opponents!

Classic Mode

Classic Mode is Smelter in its original form, as the hybrid platformer/RTS that you know and love. An important note, ACTION MODE and CLASSIC MODE have separate save slots* meaning that if you’re a returning player, all of your previous game saves are secure, even when you dabble in Action Mode.

New players can get a taste of both experiences too, dipping into either without compromising progress. Both modes can be accessed from the main menu.

*Auto-save functionality may override when switching between modes, so please make sure to manually save when changing between the two.

[DANGEN Entertainment]

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