DANGEN Entertainment will publish Manalith Studios-developed roguelite dungeon crawler Dungeon Drafters for Switch. Information on release date and pricing was not shared.

You can see the official description of Dungeon Drafters below.

Dungeon Drafters is a mystery dungeon adventure set in a world where magic is cards, and cards are magic. Players explore ancient ruins, loot rare cards and employ clever combos to defeat foes and build the legendary spell deck that could save the world.

They play a young adventurer eager to explore ancient ruins in a tile-based dungeon crawler with rogue-lite elements. Players choose their character, create their unique spell deck and plunge into the ancient dungeons on a quest to rid the world of evil and forbidden cards.

They battle it out in tile-based combat with their spell deck to execute incredible combos that devastate the battlefield. Collect rare cards, loot treasure, rescue lost adventurers, then return to town to prepare for the next run. Dive deeper and work toward building the ultimate spell deck that will banish evil from the world forever.

Key Features

Magic Cards – Your cards are your arsenal. Split the ground open with earthquakes, hurl white-hot fireballs, and summon powerful allies to eliminate your foes.

Six Characters – Choose an adventurer, getting a signature starting deck that guides your initial play-style. Regardless of your initial decision, you may branch out and create any deck you want in the game.

Dungeon Crawling – Venture into any of the six unique dungeons in the world. Learn the tricks of each of the area’s monsters, make adjustments to your deck and seek specific cards.

Punishing Death – As you explore dungeons, you’ll have the opportunity to either dive deeper or return to the Town to secure your spoils. Be careful not to dive too deep and lose your deck!

Elaborated Deck Building – Whether you’re a power gamer looking for the strongest and most broken cards, the lab scientist who loves testing out novel, audacious combos, or the completionist, who yearns to 100% their card collection, you’ll find something to love with the deck building system.

Adventurer’s Town – Prepare for your next adventure while exploring the beautiful town. Trade your cards, shop for new ones, open boosters, talk to NPCs and initiate challenging quests.

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