Whenever you need your umbrella, it seems to have up and walked away. We don’t use umbrellas all that often, so they remain buried deep in our closets, tucked under car seats, stowed in a garage, or some other place that’s out of sight, out of mind. Why not avoid the struggle of not having an umbrella when you need it buy purchasing one you’ll never forget!

Wpc, an Osaka-based umbrella maker, has collaborated with Nintendo on a series of four Super Mario Bros.-themed umbrella designs. All four of the umbrellas pay homage to the original Super Mario Bros. with scenes that fans of the classic game will no doubt recognize.

As you can see, the designs all take a minimalistic approach to Super Mario Bros., and they’re all opaque. This lets you get some sun in on a rainy day, while also checking out just how hard it’s raining! Plus, best of all, you can walk with the umbrella close to your head, yet you can still see where you’re going!

This entire series of umbrellas is priced at roughly $16 a piece, making them an absolute steal.


Wpc is also offering two ‘parasol’ designs with Super Mario Bros. content. These are much more basic, coming in either Mario Red or Luigi Green. They include a case, mushroom-themed wrist strap and a small Mario or Luigi icon on the side. While Wpc says these are meant to block you from the sun, they can obviously be used for rain as well.

Of the two sets of, these parasols are the more expensive. Each one is priced at roughly $25.

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2y ago

The underwater one is out of stock already :(

I also would like something more compact so I can fit it in my backpack.