The latest company looking to cash in on the Switch craze is Powkiddy with their X51 device. This piece of hardware includes emulators for a number of platforms, which is dubious in and of itself, but it’s the X51’s look that’s sure to attract attention.

Powkiddy didn’t even try to hide their influence here, as the X51 looks pretty identical to Nintendo’s Switch. It’s obvious Powkiddy is hoping to snag a few uninformed, unsuspecting customers with a design like this, although we’re thinking most will know this isn’t the real deal.

The X51 even lets you play handheld, on TV, and in tabletop mode. Of course, the experience is going to differ wildly from a real Switch, but again, the influence is certainly there.

The X51 is priced at just $53, and we have no doubt that price tag will reel in a few gamers out there.

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