Who better to teach Nintendo employees how to be safe on the job? It has to be Wario…said no one ever! Well that’s where you’d be wrong, because all the way back in 2004, Nintendo thought Wario was the perfect choice to show Nintendo staff how to avoid injury while in the workplace.

In the video above we see Wario, who mentions that he’s his own supervisor at Nintendo, walk brand-new employees through the safety precautions necessary when working with Nintendo retail products within stores. Wario covers a litany of topics on how to be safe, but of course, he throws in a few bad ideas and jokes along the way.

You’d think Nintendo would pick a different mascot to trumpet the importance of workplace safety, but I guess they couldn’t ignore how fun it would be to give Wario the spotlight!

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2y ago

This is pretty funny, but whoever is filling in for Mr. Martinet took acting lessons from Cheech Marin. Wario in the barrio.


2y ago

Ah good ole Wario...god I miss him.