The Minecraft Marketplace is now 5 years old, and it’s brought in billions in revenue and given millions of fans plenty of amazing content to enjoy. It’s also paved the way for amazing content creators to strut their stuff by building fantastic experiences, and then make some money off their hard work.

In an interview with Games Industry, Minecraft Creator Marketplace head Aaron Buckley talks about how Microsoft has managed to find such success with the Minecraft Marketplace.

“Our goal with the Marketplace was to empower our already very passionate creator community to create new experiences in Minecraft. We as a principle decided we needed to allow them to monetize their creations and support themselves and their families by serving Minecraft players, and we did this by putting creators at the center of everything we do.”

[Minecraft Creator Marketplace head Aaron Buckley]

Buckley has a lot more to say about Minecraft’s Marketplace, including how they curate content, keep players safe, and more. You can see the full interview here.

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