13AM Games is bringing Dawn of the Monsters to Switch later this week, and it’s looking pretty sharp. A kaiju beat’em-up with very stylized graphics, Dawn of the Monsters looks like a real stunner. In an interview with Nintendo Life, 13AM Games talks about the technical challenges they faced in bringing such a flashy title over to Switch.

**There were certainly challenges! Despite being stylized to look like a graphic novel or manga, the game is almost entirely built in full 3D that is dynamically lit and dynamically destructible. That was super key to us because it had to feel great to smash buildings in a kaiju game!

However, having dynamic light sources, loads of 3D models, multiple characters, etc. can be pretty taxing on any console.

After a LOT of hard work from our team, we achieved something really great that I think Switch fans will be happy with. I’m really glad that we didn’t have to sacrifice resolution so the game looks just as crisp on Switch as it does on any platform at full 1080p docked and 720p handheld. It looks really slick on the Switch screen!**

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