There have been all sorts of Nintendo-related Nanoblock collections released over the years, and the collaboration is set to continue with two brand-new sets.

First up is the Kirby Mini Nanoblock: Volume 2 set, which launches in August 2022. This lineup includes mini-figs for Kirby, King Dedede, Chef Kawasaki, and Parasol Waddle Dee. This collection will cost you ¥3,960.


Along with that, yet another round of Pokemon Mini Nanoblock is on the way with a Poison Type set. This lineup launches in August 2022 as well, and includes Tentacool, Weedle, Galarian Slowbro, Toxtricity (Low Key Form), Toxtricity (Amped Form) and Roselia. Also like Kirby’s set, this Pokémon set is priced at ¥3,960.

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