Wrestling fans debate Kingdom Hearts across WWE/AEW shows

Kingdom Hearts is still real to me, damnit!

07 June 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Nothing brings together professional wrestling fans like…videogames?! You might think pro wrestling enthusiasts would be happy to enjoy their art form of choice no matter who’s putting on the show, but there are plenty of supporters who only enjoy the output of one company. That said, fans from two different wrestling promotions managed to have a conversation with one another across company lines, and it’s all thanks to Kingdom Hearts.


AEW is one of the newer wrestling companies on the block, and they have two different TV shows that air weekly. One of those shows is AEW Rampage, which is where the first bit of Kingdom Hearts conversation popped up. On the left of the image above, you can see a sign displayed by someone at a recent AEW Rampage taping, and it aimed to convinced gamers that Kingdom Hearts isn’t all that hard to understand.

That AEW sign was shown on the April 16th episode of Rampage, and it definitely caught the fan of one WWE fan. When WWE hosted their Hell in a Cell ‘Premium Live Event’ on June 5th, a different fan brought a follow-up sign about Kingdom Hearts. Clearly, the WWE fan thinks Kingdom Hearts is pretty tough to parse, and they are looking for an explanation of the Nintendo DS title Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days in particular.

Pro wrestling fans have been sharing videogame-related signs for decades now, but this situation is something special! Is the conversation going to continue with the next AEW taping? We’ll have to keep our eyes focused on the crowds during AEW Dynamite and Rampage this week to see if the saga takes another step!

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2y ago

To be fair, the plot in 358/2 days is straightforward. When a person is split it creates a heartless and nobody, you play as the nobody in various missions, then discover that one of your friends is actually a puppet that has taken bits of Sora's and Kairi's soul and you defeat her. Now why she comes back in KH3, yeah. Time travel in in 3D, worst plot contrivance ever, well maybe not ever but it's bad and they certainly don't follow those "rules"/"guidelines" for their time travel in KH3. Why does Vanitas look like Sora even though he never met Sora before and Sora was pretty young at the time, right. They went from needing to closing the keyholes to reopening the keyholes to whatevs just show Gummi ships.

Maleficent has been defeated how many times now? But then shows up looking for J.J. Abrahms' mystery box in KH3 that supposedly belonged to the Master of Masters who started the original keyblade war in a web game which later became a mobile game. And yes I know Abrahms had nothing to do with it but the chest is basically the mystery box plot device he uses all the time.

Oh and Sora ends up in the last world where he spends too much time collecting mind numbing numbers of himself so he can go back to life, then Kairi ends up there in Melody of Memories right after getting poofed by Xehanort and instead of letting her fight nightmare Xehanort she calls up Sora who does the fighting for her then she ends up back in Hollow Bastion where they learn that Sora is looking for her and disappeared into "the world of fiction". And Yosora who is really a VS 13 character and shows up in a videogame in the Toy Story world then ends up fighting Sora as a final secret boss in ReMind.

So that, but at least RMC is enjoying wrestling :)