Minecraft has received a new update today, dubbed ‘The Wild.’ This update offers a host of fresh content, including the Deep Dark biome. For those who follow Minecraft, this biome has been a long time coming.

The Deep Dark biome was originally announced by Mojang back in 2020, but it’s taken over 2 years to release it. The decision to hold back the biome was made with the team in mind, according to Minecraft’s game director Agnes Larsson. Larsson spoke to Eurogamer about the decision to push the content back, and why it ended up being the right move.

“We felt for a while ‘this is a risk but we might be able to do it,’ but then when we realized [we had to delay], we tried to take the decision really quickly because we would risk making people in the team very, very stressed out. And we also communicated about it really quickly because we wanted to be as transparent as possible about such a big decision.

It’s scary to make decisions like that, even if it was for a good reason, but I think it went well. The community was super understanding and caring, which we’re very thankful for. Minecraft is developed together with the community - but then it’s important we are as transparent as we can.”

[Minecraft's game director Agnes Larsson]

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