Strictly Limited Games is teasing their next physical release, and they’ve done so with the image above. They also tweeted out the following message.

This week an award-winning game is joining the Strictly Limited Games line up. Any ideas? 🕵️‍♀️ 🧕 Don’t bl(ink), or you might miss the announcement.

All the hints offered through the text and image point to a physical release of Heaven’s Vault. The thing that really clinches this is imagery shared between the Strictly Limited teaser and the promo art for Heaven’s Vault.


We’re going to call this one official, even if Strictly Limited hasn’t confirmed it yet. When they do, we’ll be sure to share that with you.

Heaven’s Vault is a narrative adventure with an entire hieroglyphic language to decipher. Sail the massive open world of the Nebula, tracking down distant moons. Translate inscriptions written in an ancient language, in a game-spanning, interlocking puzzle where every solution - right or wrong - becomes part of your story.

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