Anyone who spends time on Tiktok knows that the app throws all sorts of random stuff at you all the time. Yes, those Tiktoks are based on your interests, but you never know what’s coming next. That’s exactly what happened to me yesterday, and it led to a discovery about a classic N64 game.

Actor Penn Badgley is well-known as the lead in the Netflix drama, You, and he stopped by the Today Show to chat about the series and some other random tidbits. Believe it or not, part of the discussion revolved around Badgley’s history with Nintendo! You can see that discussion below.

Turns out Badgley was the voice for Kid in Mario Golf on the N64. Kid, Joe, Sherry, and Azalea were all characters that could be brought into Mario Golf on the N64 via the Transfer Pak. Those of you who went through those steps no doubt remember the character, and now you know who provided his voice. Humble beginnings for what turned into quite a popular actor!

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