AK-xolotl was confirmed for Switch awhile back, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. The top-down roguelite featuring a cute axolotl with an weapon seemed to resonate with players, which led to the Kickstarter hitting its base funding goal rather quickly.

To celebrate the achievement, the dev team has shared some Switch-specific gameplay for AK-xolotl, which you can see above. The team decided to show off the Switch version running in handheld mode.

Along with that, a number of Kickstarter stretch goals for AK-xolotl have already been hit. Here’s some of the bonus content you can look forward to when the game launches.

In-game pets: small and friendly critters that follow you around, with a lot of different designs and fully unlocked by playing, no external transactions required.

Boss Rush mode: jump straight into action against waves of stronger and deadlier versions of AK-xolotl’s bosses. A challenge for the bravest axolotls!

Daily Run: seeded runs that will reset everyday. Each run will have different conditions and players will be able to compete in the daily leaderboard.

There’s still 22 days left on the AK-xolotl Kickstarter. If you want to help fund some more stretch goals, you can do so here.

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