STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords launched on Switch just a few hours ago, but publisher Aspyr is already talking about updating the game.

The update, which is planned for release sometime in Q3 2022, will include a host of new features and tweaks. You can see full notes on this update below.

New HK Manufacturing Plant Mission – Play as your droid companion HK-47 and explore a mysterious HK Manufacturing Plant beneath the Telos military base.

New Revamped Ending – Experience the final level in a new way, with greater interactions from your party members and added focus on your past choices.

Livelier Crew Conversations – Get to know your crew on board the Ebon Hawk even better with additional lines of dialogue and interactions.

Bonus Quests & Challenges – Discover even more quests and combat encounters scattered on various planets around the galaxy for an extra challenge.


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