Rouge Company, the team-based multiplayer shooter has finally left beta after almost 2 years. In addition to a cinematic trailer to celebrate the release, the devs also talk about just how much the game has changed these past 2 years here.

Rogue Company has added an immense amount of content during the Beta period: 9 Rogues, 7 maps, 9 weapons, and 12 game modes. Hand-in-hand with the community, developers have been relentlessly improving the game with new features such as next-gen native versions, Rogue and weapon mastery, draft pick ranked play, human backfill, contracts, narrative events, and collaborations with Dr. DisRespect and Rambo. For new players and veterans alike, this feature-complete version is the best time for some Rogue Company thrills.

[Press Release]

The game is free on Switch and all other platforms, so now is the perfect time to jump in and play!

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