Publisher 7Levels released both inbento and Golf Peaks on Switch awhile back, but now they’re giving players a chance to pick up both games in a single digital package, and at a discount as well!

The new Puzzle Bundle containing inbento and Golf Peaks is available now, and even better, it’s launched with a 30% discount, making the collection $5.59 instead of $7.99. The bundle takes up 409 MB of space, and you can get details on each game below.

Golf Peaks

​​Golf Peaks is a relaxing, award-winning puzzler where you climb mountains by playing golf. The title uniquely combines puzzle mechanics with an easy-to-learn card-based movement system, providing the player with numerous action cards. Each card moves the ball in a different way and at varying distances. Solve enjoyable yet challenging puzzles and make your way to the hole. Immerse yourself in the relaxing music accompanied by minimalist, eye-pleasing graphics. Complete over 120 handcrafted levels and become a mountaineer and golfer in one.


Arrange bento dishes in a lunchbox while sticking to the recipe shown on the screen. Play a calming story about cats and parenthood told through adorable puzzles. Beat over 120 fun puzzles and challenge yourself while mastering additional movement options unlocked after completing each stage. Take your time and calmly progress through every level thanks to the game’s gradually increasing difficulty.

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