Fire Emblem Heroes has received a content update for March 14th, 2022. You can see full details on this update below.

[Summoning] A new Summoning Focus is now live: Legendary Hero Remix. It features the following Heroes: Ike (Vanguard Legend), Azura (Vallite Songstress), Gunnthra (Voice of Dreams), Alm (Saint-King), Marth (Prince of Light), Eirika (Pledged Restorer), Gatekeeper (Nothing to Report), and Marianne (Serene Adherent) (available until March 22nd) [Special Maps] The returning Legendary Hero Battles featuring Alm (Saint-King) and Azura (Vallite Songstress) are now live (available until March 22nd)

[Special Maps] As part of the latest set of Limited Hero Battles, the Grand Hero Battle feat. Sedgar (Coyote’s Dutiful) is now live (available until March 21st)

[Events] The Brace Phase of the latest Mjölnir Strike event is now live (available until March 16th)

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