Publisher Yokaze and developer Rias have announced that Fox and Frog Travelers: The Demon of Adashino Island is heading to Switch. We don’t have word on a release date or price at this time.

Fox and Frog Travelers: The Demon of Adashino Island is a 3D action adventure game mixed with some Japanese culture elements. As the Fox, players will use her to travel around the mysterious island of Adashino with your fellow companion, Frog. Upon traveling, players will encounter dark and mysterious series of events that are inspired by Japanese culture.

You can see an official story description for Fox and Frog Travelers below.

A shrine tucked away in the back alley of a big city. A fox lived there. One night, she’s caught in a massive power outage. Wandering around in the darkness with his friend, Frog, in search of light.

Suddenly, they drifted to a strange island. The island is called “Adashino Island.” There, they meet… A town covered in countless dazzling lights. People seeking the light and flocking to it. And then Were ferocious demons that would make your hair stand on your whole body.

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2y ago

This looks pretty darn nice I say. Though I'm still not sure what the actual gameplay will be.