Publisher Midnight Works has released Prison Life Simulator 2022: World FIGHT Battle GTA ULTIMATE on the Switch eShop in Europe today. The game is priced at £8.99 and takes up 575 MB of space.

In Prison Life Simulator 2022, you play as a character named Derek; a hero faced with a tough life behind bars. Expect to fight for food while you explore the prison, try to make friends, and do everything in your power to survive to the next day.

Will you earn essential cash by working an honest job, or steal money from your fellow inmates? Whatever you do, remember to bring plenty of bacon to bribe the sniffer dogs with.

There’s no listing for Prison Life Simulator 2022 on the NA eShop, so if you want to snag this one, you’ll have to virtually jump across the pond for now. You can also check out some gameplay from the title below.

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2y ago

I wish i could play prison simulator as hilary