New trailer released for Desta: The Memories Between

From the team behind Monument Valley

10 June 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Desta: The Memories Between was just revealed yesterday, and we’re already getting a new trailer 24 hours later! The title, which is heading to Switch, will also see release via Netflix. The streaming service confirmed the game for their platform just a little while ago, which is what gives us this new trailer.

Desta: The Memories Between is a strategic, turn-based action title. Through unique gameplay and unforgettable characters, the game explores themes such as introspection and self-reflection, centring around the main lead character, Desta, as they navigate through a dreamlike world.

As Desta falls asleep every night, they find themselves entering into a mysterious and infinite dream-world: filled with glowing balls to throw, shattered remnants of locations past, and vague memories.

Players will flow in etheric environments to take on enemies and bosses through a ball game in this quirky character-driven adventure.

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