After a painfully long time, the wait for Cuphead’s DLC is almost over. The Delicious Last Course DLC is set to launch on June 30th, 2022, and it’s priced at $8. Thankfully, it seems the game is going to give you plenty of content to make up for the years of waiting.

Of course, a bulk of your time playing this DLC will be spent retrying bosses over and over. If you were worried about Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course not being challenging enough, you can rest easy. In an interview with Dtoid, Studio MDHR producer Eli Cymet drives home just how challenging this DLC will be.

“So the first game was like, what if every boss was the last boss of another game. [With the DLC], what if every boss was the last boss from Cuphead? It’s going to be…everyone should be super excited to see how much more we put into the Cuphead DLC itself.”

It’s good to know that we’re in for some tough-as-nails gameplay, but does making a handful of new bosses really take that much time? Fans still want to know why they had to wait so long to get this DLC, and Cymet had an answer.

“We may have announced DLC a little too early. We wanted to make a really cool sendoff…but it kind of blew up, and we had a little scope creep. When we see the final product it works beautifully as a DLC product…we still like to think of it as it works perfectly as a DLC piece.”

Finally, plenty of Cuphead fans would love to secure a physical release that includes the base game and this DLC. Is that going to be an option? According to Studio MDHR’s Maja Moldenhauer, a physical release is on the way, with news to come in “two to three months.”

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2y ago

And the wait for physical continues. I've refrained from downloading this long, glad the wait is almost over.