Publisher Freedom Games and developer Mercury Game Studio has announced that their tactical turn-based game Tyrant’s Blessing is heading to Switch. The game will be out sometime in Summer 2022.

Tyberia has been turned into a paradise by the Tyrant, free from war, suffering, and death - because nearly everyone has been turned into the undead. Take charge of the last living warriors in tactical, turn-based battles and drive the Dead Army into the sea!

Tyrant’s Blessing is a tactical turn-based game where your ability to plan, adapt, and strategize is more important than min-maxing your units or finding the sharpest sword in the hoard. Select battles every day, make challenging choices, and cleverly use the strengths of these rag-tag insurgents to defeat the undead hordes and maybe - just maybe - bring real life back to Tyberia.

There’s no word on pricing or file size for Tyrant’s Blessing just yet, but we’ll bring those details to you when they become available.

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