Unofficial GBA port of Quake discovered

What's next, Elden Ring on Game Boy!?

11 June 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

While there have been plenty of games that pushed hardware to the limits, the GBA seems to have some of the most impressive. The things developers made the GBA do remain jaw-dropping to this very day. Unfortunately, one of the most spectacular projects never saw an official release.

Believe it or not, a port of Quake was in the works for the GBA, albeit unofficial. The project comes from Randy Linden, the dev responsible for the SNES port of DOOM. If anyone is was going to be capable of squeezing Quake onto the GBA, it’s definitely going to be Linden.

Forest of Illusion, a group that focuses on preserving gaming history (specifically that of Nintendo), discovered the prototype on a 256MB Flash Card. It’s crazy to think that one developer was taking on this project just for the fun of it, but equally sad that it never saw completion.

In today’s day and age, you have to wonder if something like this could actually see release. There’s no doubt people have interested in the port, and Linden has already shown that he has the chops to make it work. You’d think id Software would be impressed by the work, and you just know Limited Run Games would love to get involved with this. Yes, that’s all 100000% speculation on my part, but boy, would I love to see it happen!

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