The Pokémon Japan Championships are currently taking place, and Pokémon Co. has distributed not one, but two different codes for streamers to enjoy. These codes allow you to add special versions of Sableye and Grimmsnarl to Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The code for Sableye is 21JAPANCHAMP10N. This Sableye is based on a Sableye used by last year’s Japan champion, and you only have until June 12th, 2022 to utilize the code, so don’t wait long!

The code for Grimmsnarl is K0REACHAMP10N21, and this distribution is based on the Grimmsnarl used by last year’s Trainers Cup champion. Just like the previous code, this one will only work until June 12thm 2022 so make sure to jump in the game today and grab your Pokémon!

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