Kitfox Games have announced Boyfriend Dungeon: Secret Weapons, a substantial free update that will introduce new weapons, a new dungeon, and a mysterious, dateable new villain-weapon for Boyfriend Dungeon. The DLC update will be arriving later this Summer on Switch.

Secret Weapons will allow players to befriend or romance Jonah the Axe and Leah the Hammer, one of whom previously made a tantalizing cameo in the main game, but can now have a much more active role in players’ adventures around Verona Beach or join them as their trusty weapon when exploring Secret Weapons’ brand new playable dungeon! Plus players can romance that dungeon’s boss, Dr. Holmes the Whip… but we hear she/they will never accept a wielder.

Kitfox has also announced that voicing Dr. Holmes will be massively popular content creator and streamer, Kathleen ‘Loserfruit’ Belsten. Belsten has grown a community of millions of fans, most notably on Twitch, and has previously received her own Fortnite outfit as part of the Fortnite Icon Series.

To go along with the new dunj plunderin’, Boyfriend Dungeon fans can also look forward to three poppy new music tracks from Marskye for Secret Weapons, again featuring the vocals of Madeleine McQueen. You can even hear a preview of the track shown in the trailer.

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