SandCastles Studio has announced Bread and Fred, a 2D co-op platformer for Switch. You can check out a trailer for the title above.

Join Bread and Fred in this new challenge! A rage Game where you will need to cooperate to jump and climb all the way up to the peak of the mountain. Be carefull not to fall tho, and don’t make your fellow penguin follow you on that downhill… Can you and your friend complete the path to the top?

Attached to each other not only means that you fall together, you can also make good use of the rope and propel your partner beyond what any penguin could have ever jumped. Make sure you hold tight to the ground or you will both be thrown into the abyss.

The penguin’s little hands aren’t very good, but you can hang on a wall with your partner for a few seconds. Be careful, penguins normally weight a lot, so you won’t last long, use it quickly in order to move between platforms.

Legends say that with these few skills, there are heroes who have managed to reach the top. Will you be capable?

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