Silt is a surreal underwater puzzle-adventure game that has a haunting atmosphere and an unforgettable look. It also happens to be absolutely fantastic!

While Silt packs in a ton to do and see, it sounds like there was a wealth of content left out of the game. In an interview with Goombastomp, developers Spiral Circus open up on just how much didn’t make it into this game, and it seems like they have some hopes in addressing all that was left behind in a sequel.

There was a huge amount, but that is the nature of concept art. I went very cosmic horror with some ideas that simply weren’t possible for a team as small as ours. So they are all now in a folder waiting for Silt 2!

The way I communicate ideas is through pictures, so I feel like a lot of ideas were left purely because they were more of a prompt in a certain direction rather than a feasible concept to move forward with. One in particular that will probably arrive one day in a future game was a world-sized grub attached to the ceiling like in Aliens. I absolutely loved designing that, but for obvious reasons, it got cut!

[Spiral Circus]

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