Symphony of War dev strongly hints at Switch port

All but confirmed at this point

11 June 2022
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Symphony of War is a 2D turn-based strategy RPG that just saw release on PC yesterday. As various trailers and gameplay details were shared for the game, many people thought it would be a perfect fit for Switch. Turns out the game’s creator feels the same way as well.

Siliconera talked to Dancing Dragon Games’ Phil Hamilton about the potential for a Switch port, and Hamilton all but confirmed that one is on the way.

Yep (we have plans for other platforms)! I think it would be a terrible crime if this didn’t end up on the Switch at some point. Because of the history of Switch games and GBA games, it just seems like such a natural home for a game like this to be on. So absolutely.

[Dancing Dragon Games' Phil Hamilton]

Wondering when that port might show up on Switch? Again, Hamilton didn’t want to get into specifics, but he said there would need to be a considerable amount of work done, and the earliest fans could expect to see the game hit Switch would be Summer 2023.

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