Cuphead is pretty straightforward in the gameplay department, offering a very tiny smattering of platforming stages and a big focus on single-room boss battles. You’d think it would be easy to track down any Easter eggs the game hides with a setup like that, right? Well, it seems the Easter egg hunters out there have been doing quite a poor job!

Studio MDHR has confirmed that the base Cuphead game still has some Easter eggs that fans haven’t discovered. That’s despite the game having been out since 2017! Furthmore, the upcoming Delicious Last Course expansion is going to include its own set of Easter eggs.

With the DLC coming out June 30th, that doesn’t leave fans with much time to discover Cuphead’s hidden secrets. Of course, those undiscovered nods will still be there once the DLC comes out, but you don’t want to tackle a whole new project when the previous one hasn’t been wrapped up yet!

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