MOTHER stayed a Japan-exclusive for many, many years, but Nintendo eventually brought a localized version over as Earthbound Beginnings. Thousands of people finally got to experience the start of the Earthbound franchise through that release, and now those same players can look forward to a fan-made experience that looks to spruce that game up.

MOTHER: Encore is a reimagining of the original NES game that features tons of fixes, additions, and twists. Join Ninten, Ana, Lloyd, Teddy and a crazy redhead on a journey across Eagleland on their quest to collect the Eight Melodies for Queen Mary, and to stop the heinous Giygas from imprisoning humanity!

Get ready to explore new dungeons, play with new game mechanics, listen to Ninten’s Walkman, talk to new people and battle fresh enemies in this celebration of the game that started it all.

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