Switch version of Syberia: The World Before delayed until 2023

Seems it needs a bit more development time

13 June 2022
by nintendojam 2

Microids has announced that Syberia: The World Before will be coming to Nintendo Switch a bit later than other platforms. Previously announced to be launching alongside its PlayStation and Xbox counterparts later this year, the Switch version has now been pushed back to sometime in 2023. Check out a synopsis of the graphic adventure game below and view the latest trailer above.

Unravel the intertwined fates of Kate Walker, a New-York attorney whose life was turned around by the call to adventure, and Dana Roze, a young and promising pianist in Vaghen whose career is threatened by the shadow of the Second World War

A tale like no other! Embark on a magical journey through the enchanting cities of eastern Europe, both in 1937 and 2004. Accompanied by the music of Inon Zur and the Budapest Film Symphony, piece together the puzzles that will disentangle the mysteries of two lives entwined together

Carve your path across an unprecedented adventure using your wits, repair broken instruments, open tricky locks, find elaborate ways to activate mechanisms from the past, but above all watch closely your surroundings for clues

The Budapest Film Symphony, led by the internationally acclaimed composer Inon Zur (Prince of Persia, Dragon Age, Fallout…) created a sublime score, and interpreted meaningful themes for the characters and locations throughout the game

Syberia: The World Before is the culminating point of the late Benoit Sokal’s steampunk and wonderous universe. After the first 2 Syberia game’s in the early 2000’s, now considered Point and Click classics, and the 3rd installment of the series in 2017, Syberia is back in all its glory, with a brand new story that can be played independently and modern graphics

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2y ago

That gives me time to finish the first three games 😅


2y ago

It seems to be the norm now that if a game is given a launch window, a Switch specific release is given as a vague somewhere off in the foggy future. I've seen it happen with numerous titles in the last week alone.