Those who own Nexomon: Extinction probably haven’t played the game in awhile, but today brings a very good reason to jump back in.

Developer VEWO Interactive Inc. has announced that a new post-game questline has been added to Nexomon: Extinction, along with 46 new Nexomon. In order to access this content, you must have completed the main story, along with side-quests 11, 35 and 36. After that, head to the orphanage to trigger the questline’s start.

There’s a few more elements added along with this questline, including the following:

  • new playable region.
  • Luring mechanic (unlocked during the new questline) that can boost the apparition rate of a specific Nexomon by x15
  • new shop (visit the Talking Tree) where you can buy gadgets such as the Portable Warpstone and Portable Storage
  • new tier of Cores, which you can craft after certain events in the new region.

Please note that encounters in the new region have boosted stats, and their level will scale along with your strongest party member (minimum lvl 70), but will yield twice as much EXP.


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