The turn-based RPG Lords of Ravage was previously announced as coming to Switch sometime in 2022, but a new trailer released today shows us that the title will specifically launch sometime in November. Check out the latest showcase for the game above.

In Lords of Ravage, it is said that only in the darkest of times, true heroes are forged. But others may be lured by this darkness onto a much easier path. Some follow this path out of selfish greed and lust for power, while others do so out of a corrupted sense of duty, stopping at nothing to achieve their higher goals. A few of the most powerful ones have the dubious honor of being proclaimed Lords of Ravage.

You’ll take on the role of one of these Lords on the brink of their defeat. Search for a great artifact that can change the fate of this world. Deal with any heroes brave or foolish enough to interfere with your plans. Hunt for forgotten artifacts, forge dark alliances, and undertake daring raids to take by force everything your heart desires.

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